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More Praise For Indigenous Sci-Fi Script

Off the back of his multi-award winning screenplay, ‘The Third Bomb‘, screenwriter Phil Parker was hired to rewrite ‘Kindred‘ – an action/ sci-fi story by creative director Josh Bryer.

Australian sci-fi script with Indigenous stars

Set in the Australian Outback – and with Indigenous Australians in lead roles – Kindred is a rollicking adventure in the vein of District 9 and Star Wars. It tells the tale of one man’s failed alien abduction and how he must work with his would-be captor to save humankind from extinction before the monsters from his past catch up with them.

'Kindred' Receives Rave Review

Already, high praise for Kindred is coming in from industry sources:

“(Kindred is) fantastic, adventurous, and loads of fun as it takes readers across The Outback, introduces them to uncommonly featured peoples, and manages to tell a story of grand proportions… The action and conflict were absolutely awesome… The stakes were high, the energy was great, and the fights were thrilling to read.”

- Screencraft (reader analysis)

Indigenous Australian sci-fi has made the news recently with the exciting new series, ‘Cleverman‘ being picked up for a second season by SundanceTV.

The brains behind ‘Kindred’ – Josh Bryer and Phil Parker – are also on the lookout for interested producers and agents to help bring their action/ sci-fi tale to life.

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'Kindred' has won First Place at the Native American Tribal Film Festival. This riveting, action-packed Aussie sci-fi has also piqued the interest of producers. Get in touch if you want to learn more!



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