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Hired Again By Toil Films!

I'm delighted to announce that producer Elliott D. Yancey. at Toil Films has hired me again to work on FLY GIRLS, a WWII live-action feature script.

I was originally hired to develop the concept for and write draft one of FLY GIRLS. Feedback from my client, and from the Black List, was excellent:

"None to our surprise Phil delivered an incredible screenplay. Looking forward to our next collaboration!"

- Elliott Yancey, producer (Toil Films)

“These women are inspirational characters rarely seen on the big screen. The premise is eminently marketable, on point with the current moment, and would likely have broad and perhaps even international appeal. There are several key roles that any actress would jump at the chance to play. “

- The Black List (exclusive reader feedback)

Second producer joins FLY GIRLS

In an exciting new development, a BAFTA-winning producer has joined the FLY GIRLS project. I know him from his tremendous efforts with my WWII spec script THE THIRD BOMB, which he optioned twice and continues to champion.

He brings a wealth of experience and insight that will be invaluable to the project, and with his boots on the ground in the UK, he's perfectly positioned to help get FLY GIRLS in front of the right people.

Loyal customers are a good sign

It's always a thrill for a screenwriter to be hired (and paid) to write a script, but it's particularly rewarding when a client hires you again based on the quality of the work you did for them the first time.

I feel very fortunate to have had that experience a few times:


- hired to write draft 5 of KINDRED

- hired again to write draft 6 of KINDRED*

*KINDRED was recently a Top 10 Finalist in the Stage 32 Sci-fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition. The script has also been signed to a shopping agreement with an LA-based production company.


- hired to write the treatment for CATSAWAY*

- hired again to write the treatment for ABOOD

- hired again to write the pilot script for KHALFAN AND FAHMAN

*CATSAWAY, a family-friendly animated feature is now in production.


- hired to develop and write draft 1 of FLY GIRLS

- hired again to write draft 2 of FLY GIRLS*

*FLY GIRLS enticed a BAFTA-winning producer to join the team based on the strength of the first draft.

Hire the screenwriter of FLY GIRLS

Looking for a screenwriter for your next project? Feel free to contact me.

Sharing is sexy!

Please help in sharing the news about this timely project filled with complex, kick-ass women... because sharing is sexy :)



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