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An award-winning director and producer hired Phil to develop this animation feature set in Abu Dhabi based on the family-friendly videos he made for the BBC's children's channel, CBeebies.  Now the animated film, 'CATSAWAY,' set in the streets and secret underground of Abu Dhabi, is in production in the U.A.E. and due for release in 2022!

Catsaway story by Phil Parker director F


Animated family adventure

CURRENT STATUS: in production


LOGLINE:  When a city declares stray animals illegal, a newly-homeless house cat must help a motley crew of street cats outsmart the feline mafioso who stands between them and the safety of a purr-fect new home.


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produced by Tent Pictures


"Written, sealed, and delivered. I am beyond thrilled and grateful for Phil's screenwriting work on my animated film project "Catsaway".  A special shout out to him for helping shepherd me through the maze of perfecting the story during the development phase. Way to go!"

Fadel AlMehiri - Director


December, 2020

Animation in Abu Dhabi is on fire! Tent Pictures partners with an animation production company for CATSAWAY. Voice casting for the Arabic version has begun. 

September, 2019

Tent Pictures gives a video tour of the CATSAWAY exhibit at The Lab Expo in Abu Dhabi. CASTAWAY: Directed by Fadel AlMehiri. Story by screenwriter Phil Parker and Fadel AlMehiri.

May 5, 2018

Excitement grows as the UAE's first-ever animated film releases its first trailer and production begins in Abu Dhabi. Directed by Fadel AlMehiri. Story by screenwriter Phil Parker and Fadel AlMehiri.

April 3, 2018

Production has started on Catsaway – an animated movie about a group of street cats trying to find a home as Abu Dhabi rapidly expands around them.

July 23, 2017

From the Volcano Fountain to the Clock Tower, Fadel Al Mheiri's animated family-friendly film about a group of stray cats takes you on a trip around old Abu Dhabi as they search for a new home.