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While waiting outside at 5 am, in -70F weather to catch a bus to work in Chicago, Phil asked himself "WTF am I doing with my life?" Just two months earlier he had been working as a Dive Master on a cruise ship in the South Pacific. Before that, he'd been an actor at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Now, he was freezing his balls off and working on the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Exchange. WTF!


Phil searched his soul for what he truly wanted to do. It was then, out of nowhere, that two different people told him about a summer course in filmmaking they took at NYU. Coincidence? He thought not.


It was time to go.


After a long, strange trip following the Grateful Dead through the northwest of America, Phil spent six months in New York. There he attended that summer boot camp for filmmaking and got his first experiences on set. The short films he made helped him get into the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles to earn his MA. There, a very early iteration of his first screenplay took shape. His teacher, Mardik Martin (one of the screenwriters of Raging Bull) considered it close to professional-level concept development and encouraged him to continue with it. 


Phil crewed every conceivable position on films before settling down at BBC Worldwide where he wrote, directed, and produced promos and original short content. Along the way, that first screenplay that Mardik had liked so much (The Third Bomb), earned Phil multiple awards, including a win at the NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL SCREENWRITING COMPETITION. At the BBC, he also won a GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD beating out competitors from around the world for his promo FRONTLINE WAR.


Soon after, a BAFTA-winning producer optioned Phil's script, and from there, his screenwriting career took off. Today, Phil continues to write for producers, directors, ad agencies, and production companies around the world.



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