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Helping Turn Good Into Great

If you find yourself stuck with a screenplay that isn’t quite working, despite feedback from others, you need a script feedback service like Phil's. He's read and analyzed scripts for The Script Doctor, Cinergi, Hallmark, Roland Joffe (The Mission) and countless indie producers and screenwriters.​


Phil Parker's first screenplay was optioned by a BAFTA-winning producer. He currently has an animated feature film in production. He also has three different scripts he was hired to write being developed and packaged by producers. For more about Phil, visit his About and Resume pages.


"Witty, thoughtful, and fresh. Phil Parker is the real deal. If you get the chance to work with him, you better take it."


Adam J Pitzler

"This man knows his way with words. Phil's a story-teller, tale spinner, with a knack for uncovering the subtext. And he relays his feedback with heart. I look forward to our next discussion."


Lilyana Zivkovich

"Phil Parker @storiesbyphil is a brilliant screenwriter who gave me excellent notes on a script, and he was voted into the ISA Top 25 screenwriters to watch!"


Dave Santo

"Phil's feedback on our kung fu action script was excellent. Not only does he know how to identify problem areas, but he also had brilliant suggestions for how to fix them. Yolanda and I were so impressed we wanted to hire him to rewrite it for us!"


David Cheung


"Witty, thoughtful, and fresh. Phil Parker is the real deal. If you get the chance to work with him, you better take it."


– Adam J Pitzler, screenwriter

“Phil's service was invaluable for me as I reconnected with my material after shelving it for a while. I have since improved the draft, and I’m now in discussions with a Producer! So, go see Phil for a script consult - Highly recommended!”

- Stephen Degenaro, actor/screenwriter (Neighbours, Return Flight)

“Phil’s notes and feedback are very productive and helpful. He points out the problems and inspires me to change the story for the best. He is a good storyteller. He is very professional. He replies to my emails without delay. I like to work with him.”


- Jian Jiao, screenwriter

“Phil read my project on an early script draft stage. He is a very nice and communicative person. He gave me a lot of helpful remarks concerning the structure and possible plot points. I would recommend him to all the writers aiming at creating well-constructed narrations for mainstream cinema.”

- Piotr Szczepanski, screenwriter/director

“Phil’s reviews and notes were excellent. Technical skills aside, he is easy going and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Phil for anyone that would like their story or script reviewed.”

- Nadi Sha, director/producer (Kinship, Everything In Between)

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Diagnosing what ails your current draft starts with examining your concept. Is it solid? Does it get people excited when they hear it? If so, and your screenplay still isn’t satisfying readers, then Phil can help find the weak spots.


He will break down and examine its plot, characters, dialogue, theme, and pacing and provide examples of what's not working and possible ways to fix it.


Want to hire a script consultant but wondering how much it will cost? Prices for Phil's services vary depending on what you need. Feel free to check out his list of script consulting services below to see which one is right for you then contact him for a free quite.



short films

  • Read script

  • Provide a one-page summary of strengths, weaknesses, and viability of concept in the marketplace



  • Read your notes (up to 15p)

  • Provide a two-page summary of strengths, weaknesses, and viability of concept in the marketplace


tv scripts

  • CATEGORY 1: 30min scripts

  • CATEGORY 2: 1hr scripts  

  • Provide a two or three-page summary of strengths, weaknesses, and viability of concept


feature scripts

  • Read your script

  • Exclusive page-by-page notes on characters, plot, dialogue, style, and viability.

  • Specific examples are given to help you improve each, if needed.



  • Read book

  • Provide 3-5 pages of notes on how I would adapt the book into a screenplay or TV series

  • 60min Skype call to discuss notes and brainstorm

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