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Phil was hired to write FORTE, a feature-length screenplay inspired by true events. The story centers on events in the life of a remarkable pianist who dared to be different and is now famous throughout Europe. 

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CURRENT STATUS: script completed.

Producers attached. Director attached.


LOGLINE: In a quest to bring his late son’s music to the world. an innovative street busker must battle a ruthlessly jealous symphony conductor for the attention of Europe’s most coveted talent manager.



Click below to read a sample. Contact Phil for more.


"Phil is an excellent screenwriter, it has truly been a wonderful experience working with him on our script for F O R T E.


I've personally contacted him with a general understanding of Aristotle's poetics when it comes to scriptwriting and by now, after all these months working on the script together, I feel I'm almost a Ph.D. on the subject. Phil will not only correct you if you go off-topic on your own project, but he will also teach you. His capabilities far exceeded our expectations, and yes, we knew he was a professional from the very first moment we contacted him, however, the end result of any version of the script or treatment he sent us was absolutely marvelous.


Phil has the ability to really appreciate your story, dive in it, and come out of it with a whole new set of ideas that not only better your project but also create more depth on every single character. Phil has also a very extensive knowledge of what works in Hollywood and what doesn't which has been priceless for us. When we brought our synopsis to Phil we thought our story was flawless and very quickly he advised us to drastically change one of the characters in the story as it wasn't following the new character guidelines use in Hollywood in 2019. That was an extraordinary effort on his end and in the long run it made the story more concise and entertaining.


I can only thank Phil for the hard work and the many hours he put on our story and I absolutely recommend him to anyone who is really in need to take his/her story to the next level."


- Gianmarco Alessandri (director, FORTE)

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