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Screenwriter Phil Parker Hired to Write Feature 'Forte'

Australian/American screenwriter Phil Parker has been hired again to write a feature script based on a true story. This live-action tale centers around a brave young piano player who struggled against titanic forces and changed the way music is performed in Europe forever.

The team behind Forte includes a producer in Italy, a director in the United States, and Phil in Australia, making it a truly international production.

Previous screenwriting gig finishing sky high!

As Phil begins work on FORTE, he's also wrapping up work on draft two* of FLY GIRLS, and the producer's notes coming in so far are fantastic!

"Solid and tight. The hook is compelling. The characters are authentic, believable...and the kind that attracts talent. Plenty of stellar scenes. This is a romp of a read!"

- Sias Wilson (BAFTA-winning producer)

*Phil also developed and wrote draft one of FLY GIRLS.

Hire a screenwriter

Need a screenwriter for your next film? Phil has worked for producers and directors in the US, UK, the UAE, Australia, and India on a wide range of concepts with diverse characters. Read samples of his scripts on his website or contact Phil Parker now.



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