Screenwriting | Scriptwriting | Consulting

Phil writes scripts for feature films, TV pilots, TV promos, TV short content, small business videos, and radio commercials. His stories include a diverse range of characters from different countries, races, backgrounds, and periods. He also gives highly-valued feedback and advice on existing screenplays, treatments, outlines, book adaptations, and more


Drama, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family

Phil currently has a project in production and three others being shopped around by different producers.

CLIENTS: Toil Films, Tent Pictures, Red Centre Films, Broken Wings.


TV, Promos, Videos, Radio

Scriptwriting that entertains and informs. For TV or web series, television promos, small business videos, content videos, and radio commercials.


CLIENTS: BBC Knowledge, The History Channel, CBeebies, UKTV, Purple Wax, Channels 10, 9, 7..


Feature Films, Short Films, TV episodes

Do you have a script or screenplay that needs help? Want script notes that will pinpoint what's working and what's not, and ways to fix it?

CLIENTS: Cinergi, Hallmark, Roland Joffe, The Script Doctor, Auspol Media,