Phil was hired to write a WWII script inspired by true events that occurred in England and Europe during 1944. It's timely theme, inspirational characters and thrilling plot delighted Phil's client who now has the screenplay out to some major film industry players.


WWII drama/action/adventure

CURRENT STATUS: On the market. Producers in the UK and Australia attached. Packaging underway. Seeking coproductions.


LOGLINE: (under wraps)



(Sample restricted. Contact Phil.)


"None to our surprise Phil delivered an incredible screenplay. Looking forward to our next collaboration!"

"RECOMMEND! Thank you, Phil, for bringing your unique perspective to FLY GIRLS!"

Elliott Yancey, p.g.a.




exclusive reader analysis

“These women are inspirational characters rarely seen on the big screen. The premise is eminently marketable, on point with the current moment, and would likely have broad and perhaps even international appeal. “


“There are several key roles that any actress would jump at the chance to play. “


“The main character is drawn with depth, nuance and authenticity, and features in a stunning manner that gives her role the potential to entice top leading ladies.

“The tone finds welcome moments for humor and levity to buoy and balance the drama and adventure.”


”The aviation scenes are riveting, rendered with richly immersive authenticity and spectacularly cinematic detail. The final sequence makes for a thrilling third act climax that ought to thoroughly satisfy moviegoers. “​



reader analysis #1

"It's hard not to give this script a 10 out of 10 in every category ...

An outstanding job ...a story filled with dramatic conflict and emotional tension."  



reader analysis #2

"I was really engaged not just with the story itself, but the way you have told it. You should be proud of the work you have done here. This really feels like something that should be made and would make quite a splash if it was -- good job!"