TV Screens


Scriptwriter and Producer

While Phil was a creative producer in Sydney for the BBC and many other cable and free-to-air channels, he wrote, edited and produced television promos for a wide variety of programs.


PROMOS: The Shortest Stories On TV


In a promo, the 'script' is not just the words the creative producer puts on the page for a voiceover artist. It's a combination of how those words interact with the sound bites they choose from the show, how they edit the footage together, and how they use music and sound. Together, all those elements can create a powerful emotional experience for the viewer that cuts through and gets noticed.

The promos below include:


FRONTLINE WAR - winner of a Promax Global Excellence Award

FOYLE'S WAR - BBC Promo of the Month nominee

CELEBRATE ON CBEEBIES - over five million views on YouTube.


karel s storydept.jpg

“Phil is a screenwriter that directors and producers around the world are hiring - and rightly so! His ability to turn a good idea into a great screenplay is a talent anyone would want for their project.”

Karel Segers - story analyst (The Story Department)