Behind The Scenes

Screenwriter Phil Parker was hired by Tent Pictures in Abu Dhabi to write a 30-page treatment for 'Catsaway'. Below are two videos showcasing the animation style and some of the characters that were inspired by my work, The third video gives you a peek behind the scenes at the animation production team.

The story of CATSAWAY


The feature film 'Catsaway' tells the tale of a community of street cats in Abu Dhabi in danger from a city council that's determined to get rid of them. What they need is a hero who can help them find a new home, but standing in their way are bad cats of the underground Mafia.


tentpic fadel.jpg

"Written, sealed, and delivered. I am beyond thrilled and grateful for Phil's screenwriting work on my animation feature project "Catsaway".  A special shout out to him for helping shepherd me through the maze of perfecting the story during the development phase. Way to go!"

Fadel AlMehiri - director