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radio script writer Phil Parker


Radio Scriptwriter

Many radio commercials disappear into the background and never make an impact with listeners. That's because the right script with the right message for the right audience wasn't delivered. Phil brings all his screenwriting and scriptwriting experience to every radio commercial script he writes, and the difference he makes shows.

"Oh my God I love this!! Sending to the client NOW!!"

Steph Vale - Account Executive (CLIENT: Territory Can Man)

"Client is EXTREMELY happy with this script. Much appreciated! Personally you made my job easy. Thank you so much!"

Amanda Filmer - Account Executive (CLIENT: Infamous Tour)

"NOW we are on to something (re Phil's version of the script). THIS IS GREAT!"

"LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Well done everyone!"

Kristy-Lee O'Brien - Account Executive (CLIENTS: Leaf, Wood, Rock/ Ocean's Basket)

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