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Script Delivered. Client Thrilled!

In January 2020, I completed FORTE, a writing assignment for a production company in the UK. The story was inspired by a real event in the life of a now-famous Italian pianist and his crazy, unrelenting quest to make his dream come true. After I delivered the script, the feedback from the director was very positive, but it wasn't until now that I understood how much he liked it.

Script attracts more money

Working with Italian director Gianmarco Alessandri on FORTE was a real pleasure. His initial outline was a guiding light that helped me write a screenplay that far exceeds what anyone would expect from a first draft. Proof of that came when an investing producer chipped in another six-figures based on the strength of the script - and this was before I had even polished it!

Glowing review from my client

Yesterday, the director wrote a recommendation for me on LinkedIn that moved me deeply, and I want to share that with you:

"Phil is an excellent screenwriter, it has truly been a wonderful experience working with him on our script for F O R T E.

I've personally contacted him with a general understanding of Aristotle's poetics when it comes to scriptwriting and by now, after all these months working on the script together I feel I'm almost a PhD on the subject. Phil will not only correct you if you go off topic on your own project, he will teach you. His capabilities far exceeded our expectations, and yes, we knew he was a professional from the very first moment we contacted him, however the end result of any version of the script or treatment he sent us was absolutely marvellous.

Phil has the ability to really appreciate your story, dive in it, and come out of it with a whole new set of ideas that not only better your project but also create more depth on every single character. Phil has also a very extensive knowledge on what works in Hollywood and what doesn't which has been priceless for us. When we brought our synopsis to Phil we thought our story was flawless and very quickly he advised us to drastically change one of the characters in the story as it wasn't following the new character guidelines use in Hollywood in 2019. That was an extraordinary effort on his end and on the long run it made the story more concise and entertaining.

I can only thank Phil for the hard work and the many ours he put on our story and I absolutely recommend him to anyone who is really in need to take his/her story to the next level."

- Gianmarco Alessandri (director, FORTE)

Screenwriter for hire

If you're an investor, director, producer, or even an author and you need to hire a screenwriter for your next project, feel free to contact me now. Or have a browse through my website first where you can read samples of my screenwriting and watch videos of my produced work at the BBC.

Please stay safe and keep healthy during 2020.

Note: all pictures in this article used with permission or purchased.



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