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'The Third Bomb' - Option, Renwed!

BAFTA-winner Sias Wilson has just announced the renewal of his option on Phil Parker’s multi-award winning WWII script ‘The Third Bomb’. Sias, best known for Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough (documentary), Hannibal (TV movie), The Golden Bowl (film), and Space Race (TV mini-series) , has been working hard for the last 12 months to package and finance Phil’s riveting action/ adventure screenplay and had this to say about his option:

“Of course I’m keen to renew my option. I believe it would be crazy at this stage to put all the work aside. Lots of progress has been made.”

– Sias Wilson, Producer

“The Third Bomb is an incredibly well-written WWII script with strong three-dimensional characters, a well-threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting”

– The Black List (reader analysis)


When the by-the-book pilot of the third atomic bomb mission crash lands on a Japanese island, he's imprisoned with Allied POWs and must find a way to stop a disgraced Japanese commander from capturing the bomb...before he’s forced to detonate it himself.

WWII script garners interest at Cannes and the EFM

Sias Wilson’s hard work to promote Phil’s WWII script ‘The Third Bomb’ at Cannes and the European Film Market has led to some pretty big doors being left open to further talks. All of which is highly encouraging as Sias continues on his quest.

“Likely to attract top international talent.”

– Tracking Board (reader analysis)

“An excellent script. Dialogue smooth and natural. Characters unique, engaging and easy to root for.”

– Austin Film Festival (reader analysis).

Who will direct ‘The Third Bomb’?

With efforts at packaging The Third Bomb well under way, the search for a great director is goal #1. Sias has carefully compiled a list of suitable directors that he will approach, one at a time, based on recommendations he received at Cannes and the EFM. It’s an impressive list of super-talented people, many of whom have directed films Phil loves!

They’d love your help in spreading the word about this gripping action/ adventure script, so please share, Share, SHARE — because sharing is sexy :) Cheers!

Sample script

Follow this link for more information and to read a five-page sample of The Third Bomb

NEWS UPDATE 08-12-18

Phil recently completed another WWII script called Fly Girls for another producer. Phil's knowledge and passion for the history of World War Two makes him a go-to screenwriter for this genre.



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