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Upcoming animated feature CATSAWAY. Storyboards vs Trailer

The soon-to-be released animated film CATSAWAY by Emirati director Fadel Al Mehiri (story by Phil Parker and Fadel Al Mehiri) has created a lot of buzz in the U.A.E.

It will be the first Emirati feature-length film to utilize 2D hand-drawn animation in an effort to capture a local nostalgia for a bygone era in Abu Dhabi's history.

Coupled with its universally-appealing tale of action, adventure, and comedy about a group of homeless cats seeking a new life, CATSAWAY is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Both in the U.A.E. and internationally.

The above teaser trailer is a non-dialogue look into the animation style and some of the faces and places of the CATSAWAY world. When put side-by-side with the pre-viz storyboards, you can get an interesting glimpse into how the teaser came to be.

But where did the actual idea for CATSAWAY come from?

Screenwriter Phil Parker hired to develop CATSAWAY

Director Fadel Al Mehiri and Tent Pictures Productions had an idea about a handful of cats living amongst a collection of abandoned, retro, household items at the foot of a big, rusty water tank on top of a hill in the old part of Abu Dhabi.

Needing a screenwriter who could flesh their story out, Fadel hired me. I took their concept and turned it into a 30-page treatment. Fadel and Tent Pictures were so thrilled with the emotion, action, and humor in my treatment that they immediately set about pushing the film into pre-production.

Since then, voice auditions have been held, physical 3D models made, promotions done at various U.A.E. festivals, and countless articles published in the news about the production. Fadel has even been invited to speak at some prestigious events about CATSAWAY. Interest in his project has really heated up!

Hats off to Fadel and his team for working so hard to make this movie happen!

Keep an eye out for CATSAWAY, coming soon! (story by Phil Parker and Fadel Al Mehiri)

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Jun 25, 2019

Can't wait to see CATSAWAY! Looks like fun!

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