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'Catsaway' - Official Teaser Released.


#Screenwriter Phil Parker was hired to develop the animated feature film #CATSAWAY from a bare-bones idea to a fully-formed, 30-page #treatment for Tent Pictures Productions in Abu Dhabi.

The producers were so impressed with the story Phil developed they commissioned the animation house Juice to produce a teaser for the film.

The teaser below has no VO and only a glimpse of characters or story, but it does invite the audience in for a sneak peek at the secret world of these #AbuDhabi cats.

UPDATE (1/1/19): Catsaway is now in production!

What's 'Catsaway' About?

Catsaway tells the tale of ANBAR, a street cat down on his luck and looking for a home. One day he finds a community of cats in desperate need of help: the city government of Abud Dhabi has plans that will starve them all to death if they don’t find a new home fast! Hoping to atone for his past sins, Anbar tries to help them, but between the cat community and salvation lies Abu Dhabi’s Cat Mafia. Anbar and his new buddies are between a rock and a hard place, and time is running out!

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