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Writing Assignment Complete. Client Thrilled!

After being selected from a short list of screenwriters, I was hired to turn the outline of a great story into a great screenplay. But only pages 15 to 85! The client was to write the rest.

However, once I was finished – the client was so happy with my work – we renegotiated, and I was commissioned to write the entire screenplay!

The result?

LOGLINE: A man who refuses to face his past is visited by his future daughter, with a desperate plea: confront his childhood tormentors, before they kill him and enslave the world.

“Kindred is unique, fun, powerful, meaningful and kick-arse because Phil challenges your Story to be the most potent it can be. He really knows structure and how to write with economy, flair and versatility. Your script is in great hands.”

– Josh Bryer, Creative Director

Sci-Fi Screenwriter On the Hunt

Needless to say, I am also thrilled! I cannot wait to see this exciting and timely story reach the big screen one day.

I’m also looking for another great project to sink my teeth into. If you, or someone you know, is looking to hire an award-winning writer to make their story kick-arse – let me know.

Feel free to use the social-media buttons below to spread the word. Afterall, sharing is sexy! :)

Many, many thanks!


Since being hired twice to write draft five and six of 'Kindred' it has since gone on to place or win in three different screenwriting competitions and film festivals. A major Sydney Visual Effects company has also come on board. The hunt for the right producer continues in earnest.



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