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Indigenous Superhero Script Praised

Client’s Indigenous Superhero Project at VFX House

Last year, Phil was hired by Josh Bryer at Red Centre Films to rewrite his Indigenous superhero, sci-fi script KINDRED. Josh was thrilled with the end result and it appears others have taken notice, too. A significant player in the Australian VFX industry has given KINDRED a big thumbs up as the project begins to court producers. And with the success of recent TV and film projects like Cleverman and Black Panther, the timing is perfect for this thrilling story about the birth of an Indigenous superhero.

LOGLINEA man who refuses to face his past is visited by his future daughter, with a desperate plea: confront his childhood tormentors, before they kill him and enslave the world.

NEWS UPDATE 24-03-19

Kindred has won First Place at the Native American Tribal Film Festival!

Industry Feedback

“Kindred is imaginative, action-packed, and exciting sci-fi script… filled to the gills with obstacles and action, never letting the stakes or danger let up for even a moment… a thrilling story in a world with an interesting mythology and plot that doesn’t stop moving.”

– The Black List (reader analysis)

“(Kindred is) fantastic, adventurous, and loads of fun as it takes readers across The Outback, introduces them to uncommonly featured peoples, and manages to tell a story of grand proportions… The action and conflict were absolutely awesome… The stakes were high, the energy was great, and the fights were thrilling to read.”

– Screencraft (reader analysis)

Your help in spreading the word about this Indigenous superhero project would be SUPER appreciated, so please share, Share, SHARE — because sharing is sexy. Cheers!!



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