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Screenwriter Phil Parker Hired Again

Job complete. Client thrilled. Hired again! That’s the kind of news I love to hear!

Recently, the award-winning filmmakers at Tent Picture Productions contracted me to write a comprehensive treatment/ outline for their animated feature film, ‘Catsaway’. With only minimal character outlines and a basic concept to go by, I set about creating a compelling adventure, sprinkled with both comedy and drama. Think ‘Lady and the Tramp’ meets ‘The Pink Panther’.

Client Thrilled With Results

“The story is perfectly constructed, with compelling characterizations and appealing plot. My idea for 'Catsaway' would NEVER have happened without the assistance of Phil. I am very grateful to work with him, and still continue to do so. Thank you for running such a fine business. Great work!”

– Fadel AlMehiri, Producer

Phil Hired To Develop The New 'Abood' Feature

I’m very pleased to announce that Tent Pictures has hired me again to write a comprehensive treatment/ outline; this time for a road-trip comedy/ drama feature film. Work begins soon, and I can’t wait! I live and breathe for great storytelling.

If you, or someone you know, need the help of a passionate and in-demand screenwriter, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you!



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