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'Third Atomic Bomb' Script Optioned

Phil Parker’s multi-award winning WWII story The Third Bomb has now been optioned by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson (FLYING MONSTERS, HANNIBAL, THE GOLDEN BOWL, SPACE RACE) and many others. Sias’s experience as a producer, director and writer working with other BAFTA and Emmy-winners leaves him well placed to get this riveting action/ adventure script packaged and financed.

LOGLINE: When the by-the-book pilot of the third atomic bomb mission crash lands on a Japanese island, he's imprisoned with Allied POWs and must find a way to stop a disgraced Japanese commander from capturing the bomb...before he’s forced to detonate it himself.

High Praise for The Third Bomb

“The Third Bomb is an incredibly well-written script with strong three-dimensional characters, a well-threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting”

– The Black List (reader analysis)

“Likely to attract top international talent.”

– Tracking Board (reader analysis)

“An excellent script. Dialogue smooth and natural. Characters unique, engaging and easy to root for.”

– Austin Film Festival (reader analysis)

This option contract on The Third Bomb follows on the heels of a six-month shopping agreement, which demonstrates the producer’s passionate belief in the project and is a testament to the encouraging signals he has already received. The most likely set up will be a co-production to take advantage of the tax advantages Phil has an Australian resident, with potential partners from the UK, the US, Australia and Asia being considered.

Any inquires regarding co-production, financing or talent are welcome.

“The Third Bomb is a very well-written and engrossing script with a strong, original hook and twist. GRADE: Recommend”

– Danny Manus,

“A fantastic screenplay.”

– BlueCat Competition (reader analysis)

For the true story behind the third atomic bomb and the inspiration for the screenplay, visit The Third Bomb’s official website.



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