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"A WWII Script Unlike Any!"

Since finishing the first draft of a paid writing assignment for a producer here in Australia, the feedback on the script has been tremendous. (phew!)

"None to our surprise Phil delivered an incredible screenplay. Looking forward to our next collaboration!"

- Elliott Yancey, Producer

Feedback from The Black List

We also got some tremendous feedback on the screenplay from an exclusive reader at The Black List:

“These women are inspirational characters rarely seen on the big screen. The premise is eminently marketable, on point with the current moment, and would likely have broad and perhaps even international appeal.

"There are several key roles that any actress would jump at the chance to play. The main character is drawn with depth, nuance and authenticity, and features in a stunning manner that gives her role the potential to entice top leading ladies.

The aviation scenes are riveting, rendered with richly immersive authenticity and spectacularly cinematic detail. The final sequence makes for a thrilling third act climax that ought to thoroughly satisfy moviegoers."

- The Black List (exclusive reader)

The blood of a screenwriter

For an as yet unrepped writer, relying on his own blood, sweat and tears to find work, feedback like this is music to the ears.

There’s more work to be done, of course but the fact that my producer is happy enough to already be shopping it is a humbling vote of confidence.

It also motivates me to get right back into action and keep writing. As I hunt for more producers who need a screenwriter to help them turn a great idea into a great screenplay, work begins on my own new spec script.

Meanwhile, my producer heads to LA next month for meetings.

Exciting times!

Other news

Currently, a BAFTA-winning producer is also shopping another WWII screenplay I wrote called The Third Bomb, but that’s another story.

Need a screenwriter?

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