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Top 25 Screenwriter in 2018? The Results.

At the beginning of last year, I was honored and humbled when the International Screenwriters’ Association chose me as one of their Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2018. I was also a bit freaked out. I realized I needed to make something happen career wise or I’d end up with egg on my face!

So, now that it’s 2019, how did it go? Well, here are some highlights

  • CATSAWAY: the animated adventure I was hired to write a 40-page treatment for, Catsaway, not only went into production but the producers also released an animated teaser.

  • SCRIPTMAG: one of the biggest screenwriting websites published an article I wrote about how to avoid endless rewrites by focusing on your story’s irony.

  • STAGE 32: one of the biggest film-industry community websites published a blog I wrote about how I landed my first paying gig as a screenwriter.

  • BROKEN WINGS: producers in India hired me to write a winter-sports action/drama feature. Script completed. Rob Kaplan attached to direct.

  • FLY GIRLS: a producer in Australia hired me to write a WWII action/drama feature. Script completed. Packaging begins in 2019.

  • THE THIRD BOMB: the BAFTA-wining producer who optioned by WWII action/adventure spec, The Third Bomb, snagged the interest of one of the executive producers of Jack Reacher/District 9/Valkyrie who has now passed it to Peter Jackson’s people.

  • KINDRED: the indigenous-superhero script I was hired to write caught the eye of a couple of producers and won First Place at the Native American Tribal Film Festival.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing the screenwriting work I’m doing with the producers I’m doing it for. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

World War Two Movies in 2019

Despite what some might think, it’s not just the baby-boomer generation that loves a good WWII film. A proliferation of video games, documentaries and feature films in recent years has kept The War a perennial favorite. Perhaps because WWII is seen by

many as the last war where the sides of good and evil, right and wrong, were, for the most part, clearly distinguishable. It was also a war with a definitive ending unlike most wars since.

Whatever your reason for enjoying a WWII flick, you won’t be short on choices in 2019. For a rundown on the films coming out and a sneak peek at their trailers, check out ARGunners – a great war-history website.

I Am My Own Agent

I don't have an agent or manager at the moment. It’s up to me to find my own work. Your help in spreading the word about my screenwriting would be super appreciated.

Please share, share, share this post — because sharing is sexy! Cheers!!



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