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5 Projects, 5 Producers!

Every screenwriter knows how hard it is to get attention for your own work, let alone finding someone willing to pay you to write for them. That's why I feel fortunate to have producers attached to the projects I've written or was hired to write, who are out there fighting the good fight to get them made.

Here's a quick look at some of the exciting projects I've got cooking right now.



This is my baby, my spec screenplay, THE THIRD BOMB: a 'secret history' story about the pilot of the third atomic bomb mission who crash lands in Japanese territory. After it won prizes and reached the finals in over 15 big festivals and competitions, it was optioned by a BAFTA-winning producer. Ever since then, I've been a working screenwriter. Yay!


The first project I was hired to write was a rewrite of an Australian sci-fi/action/adventure script called KINDRED, which featured exciting roles for indigenous actors. KINDRED went on to win and place in festivals and competitions as well, and was recently signed to a shopping agreement with an L.A. production company.


My next writing assignment, CATSAWAY was for Tent Pictures in the U.A.E. I was hired to develop their basic idea about a secret underground world of cats in Abu Dhabi into a comprehensive 30-page treatment. This animated family adventure is now in production and will be my first produced feature film!


After doing some more work for Tent Pictures, I was hired by an Indian producer to write BROKEN WINGS, a sports action/drama loosely based on the real-life exploits of one of India's top female skiers from the Himalayas. That script has the very talented commercial director/producer Rob Kaplan attached and is in development.


Right after BROKEN WINGS, I was hired by Toil Films to write FLY GIRLS, a period drama/action/adventure inspired by the true-life exploits of women pilots during WWII. My first draft of FLY GIRLS received great reviews from The Black List and is currently being shopped by a producer at Toil.

Script to screen. It's a bloody miracle!

I heard somewhere that it takes a screenwriter on average seven screenplays before they see just one of them make it to the big (or small) screen. Little wonder, considering all the things that have to go right for any film to be made. So, I feel blessed to already have one in the works and a few more headed in the right direction.

I can't wait to see what crazy adventure comes next!

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